The Line Wongsawang

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Bangkok, Thailand

SL+A were retained by Sansiri to design the interiors, and all public and support spaces for this upper market condominium development.

It derives its name from a close connection to the growing mass transit Lines and its design concept by SL+A from the idea of storing or holding in pockets or clouds. Sansiri have been a very supportive partner for SL+A and with a good working history we have been able to explore and push the boundaries together.

With unit sizes getting squeezed by market forces to 52-68m2 for 1 & 2 bedroom units the need for an extra communal space and facilities has meant shared kids club, lounge and multipurpose room have become part of the available support space, along with the pool, gym and fitness and separate exercise area.

Completed in 2017 The Line is one of several projects that SL+A have designed and delivered for Sansiri PLC.