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2,800 m2


Taipei, Taiwan

This duplex office for the renowned pharmaceutical company totals 2,800 m2 on two levels with interconnecting stairs and was designed and built by SL+A in 2015.

The large headquarter space includes multiple work space types, closed and open office solutions, break out and relation area’s, unassigned work space as well as meeting and presentation areas. It anticipates the shift to activity based working and the need for flexibility within the office structure. The design and color palette derives inspiration from nature and cell structure and provides a work space variety mixed with break out and non work areas’ – fat nodes. The connecting stairs and feature wall has an enlarged image of skin cell structure that is both familiar and abstract – reflecting the position ROCHE have in the pharma industry. A strong client and company image is a good partner for SL+A. The aspiration of the ROCHE management was a very flat facility hierarchy which is achieved with 4 work space solution housing up to 300 staff and accessibility.

The various meeting rooms include online booking and reservation systems and a break our pantry and town hall area where staff can be gathered for briefings, break outs and information and vision sharing from senior management to all staff….its an inclusive experience and the design supports this.