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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What do we do at Steven Leach & Associates in Bangkok?

    A. We offer professional and personal design services by carefully listening and analyzing, then developing creative solutions for your project needs. SL+A Bangkok is a multi-disciplinary design studio offering Architectural Design, Interior Design, Design & Build, and Sustainable Design & Wellness services.

  • Q. What do we as Interior Designers do?

    A. Our interior design team has cutting edge conceptual design skills and the ability to deliver an extensive list of professional services from building assessment, to test-fits, planning, programming, budget preparation, construction documentation, contract administration, to site attendance and project handover.

  • Q. What are the principles of an Interior Designer?
    • Principle of Balance
    • Principle of Rhythm
    • Principle of Focus
    • Principle of Unity
    • Principle of Contrast
    • Principle of Scale
  • Q. What is Architectural Design?

    A. Architectural design is the process of documenting and ultimately designing a building or structure. This can refer to both the exterior and interior. The architectural design process often begins with an idea or concept, which is then developed into a tangible plan. This plan is generally used to then create a 3D model. Once the model is complete, it is presented to the client for approval. If the client approves the design, construction documentation can begin. Otherwise, the architectural designer may need to revise the plans and update the 3Dworks. Ultimately, architectural design is all about creating a functional element of built form that is derived from a brief.

  • Q. What are types of Architectural Design?
    • Classical Architecture
    • Gothic Architecture.
    • Baroque.
    • Neoclassical Architecture.
    • Victorian Architecture.
    • Modern Architecture.
    • Post-Modern Architecture.
    • Neofuturist Architecture.
  • Q. What is Sustainable Design?

    A. Sustainable design is the process and method of ever searching for ways to reduce the negative impacts that we have on the environment, our health and comfort of building occupants. Ultimately resulting in improving building performance. It is the practice of designing products, built form and systems. Sustainable design encompasses a wide range of strategies, including the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient technologies, and natural ventilation. Sustainable interior design focuses on creating healthy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that also minimize the impact on the environment. Sustainable design is becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of the need to protect our planet

  • Q. What are examples of Sustainable Design?
    • Pixel Building - Australia
    • Museum of Tomorrow - Brazil
    • CopenHill - Denmark
    • Thailand Creative Design Center - Thailand

    An example of ours is AIA, Sathorn -

  • Q. What are Sustainable Design techniques?
    • Space utilisation
    • Recycling
    • Waste Management
    • Water management
    • Energy Management
    • Material selection, procurement and production - life cycle.
  • Q. What happens at the initial consultation?

    A. You will meet with our team to discuss your preferences and the requirements of your project. We will then marry that criteria with our experience and share some ideas.We will make sure that you have options and find comfort and satisfaction in allowing us to work with you.

  • Q. How long will it take to complete the drawings?

    A. The completion of the drawing depends on the scale and details surrounding the project.

  • Q. Do you have samples of work and references for these design works?

    A. Yes, these are available upon request. Alternatively refer to our website and social media pages.

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