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1,904 Sqm


Bangkok, Thailand

This wonderful CSR project by SCB is a 23.4 km. closed cycling track around the Suvarnabhumi airport utilizing the original construction road around the airport and adds parking, rest areas, retail space and food outlets as well as admin and H & S facilities.

The 1.2km. cycling bridge connects the new 1500 car park space to the existing long term car park and provides spill parking for the up to 10,000 cyclists who convene on the cycle track every weekend. The design language of the airport – tensile fabric and lightweight roof’s is utilized to create a bike friendly barrier free space that reminds users of the adjacency to the airport. Working with Aurecon Engineers and L 49 landscape design the track is flood lit with solar powered lights with care taken to ensure that no lost airlines are tempted to land on the track. The original track was quickly widened an extra 3.2 m to accommodate the heavy demand and cyclist flow. Along with the main track is the 1,400m warm up track which has a rubber chip-top jogging track for runners, and most recently a new 250 m pump track for children and young cyclists to build and hone their cycling skills. This wonderful facility was opened by his Majesty King Vajiralongkorn Rama X in September 2018.