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Superior Commercial Space Interiors

Commercial interior design refers to the art and science of the interior design carried out in commercial spaces, whether they be offices, restaurants, retail stores or any other publicly utilised spaces.

The commercial interior design process begins with a planning phase. This is where designers work closely with an architect in order to determine how the finished space should look, feel, and function upon completion. Once the architect has finished with their role the designers begin flexing their creativity by adding a variety of necessary materials and items in order to bring the space to life. These materials and items can include anything from furniture and lighting fixtures, to a variety of decorative elements that fit with the original aesthetic design goals and requirements.

The most gifted commercial interior designers can conjure up visually compelling establishments that either follow the specifications of a chosen theme, or deliver a unique twist to what might otherwise have been an unremarkable space. In fact, given the opportunity, a great commercial interior designer can have a surprisingly positive impact on the way that your future clients and customers will perceive your brand and business.

On this page we’re going to explore commercial interior design in greater depth and highlight some of the ways in which SL+A Bangkok can help you transform your commercial interiors with expert precision and unparalleled creative execution.

Functional Office Interior Design Optimisation

There are few spaces in which quality interior design is as critical as it is in the office. When optimised properly, it has a real, tangible, and measurable impact on the overall productivity – and thus profitability – of a business. This is why it is paramount that the interior design of an office space promotes an aesthetically pleasant, functional, and healthy working environment.

When it comes to commercial office interior design, you have to make a space that is inspiring – which means getting a better understanding of the office’ demographic. Should the space be calming or would bolder colours for décor, fixtures and furnishings have a greater impact?

Similarly, what kind of working environment would you like to create? For example, for brands and businesses that wish to promote easier cross-communication between departments and collaboration on projects, creating open spaces and shared areas where employees can sit and discuss ideas can be highly beneficial.

On the other hand, well-placed partitions and sound-proofing materials can create spaces in which employees can focus on their work absent too much distraction. It’s all about finding the right balance based on client and project needs.

Ergonomic furniture is another important consideration in the office interior design process. It’s not just about providing a pleasant and motivational work environment for your employees, but a safe and comfortable one as well. This means providing office furniture that will promote better posture. As your employees are quite literally the backbone of your business; it’s safe to say that they will appreciate the quality lumbar support.

Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Hotels

It’s not just the location, facilities or number of stars that attract people to stay in a hotel, but its aesthetic charm as well. Those who book hotels are typically looking for a premium escape without sacrificing too much of that “homey” feeling.

From the hotel rooms themselves, to the lobby and communal areas: interior design plays a huge role in the hospitality industry. The finished design of a hotel should encapsulate the demographic that you’d like to attract, communicate your brand promise, and highlight the distinguishing features and facilities that you offer.

Hotel interior design is such a broad area as there are countless ways in which an interior designer can bring your accommodation to life. Is there a specific theme that you would like to emulate? For many hotels in Thailand for example, there is a rich, cultural tapestry from which to draw from and this can often be seen in the materials used and colour schemes adopted.

The best hotel interior designers can work closely with you to help your establishment stand out from the competition by utilising colour psychology, matching form with function, drawing inspiration from your location, highlighting local art, blending with the surroundings, and so much more.

Inviting Restaurant Design Concepts

There’s more to establishing a restaurant than simply finding the perfect spot and settling on a unique name; in fact, coming up with quality drawings and plans for the interior design of your restaurant is arguably one of the most important aspects.

A restaurant is not just a place to dine or seek entertainment, but somewhere that people can come to relax and reconnect with one another. This is why a restaurant’s design should be customer-oriented.

By combining superior architecture and creative commercial interior design, you can effectively market your food and business. What kind of theme would you like to go for? Which elements can be used to compliment the cuisine that you serve while simultaneously creating a charming ambiance that will make people want to come back time and time again?

And of course, while your restaurant interior design concepts must be customer-oriented, they must also serve your waiting staff and promote greater flow and flexibility. How well can your waiting staff weave from one section to another? Are there ways in which you can offer diners more privacy without isolating them entirely? There are many important considerations when it comes to restaurant interior design and finding the ideal balance is both an art and a science.

Another modern, influencing factor of interior design is whether or not a restaurant is considered “Instaworthy”. The finest interior designers can create unique spaces that not only function wonderfully, but make it practically irresistible for diners to snap a photo, upload it to their social media, and act as “silent salesmen”, invariably generating hype and attracting more customers to your establishment.

Work with leading commercial interior designers’ SL+A Bangkok

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