Benefits of using an Interior Design Agency in Thailand

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Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly in awe of the space? Perhaps it was a hotel room that effortlessly captured the essence of luxury, or the living room in a friend’s newly renovated home which perfectly reflected their unique personality? Whatever the case, when an interior designer executes the brief, it’s noticeable.

Interior designers make an impact on people’s lives in all manner of ways, some subtler than others. Sometimes we walk into a space and we feel a certain emotional connection and we have no idea why. That is the magic of interior design and in this article we’re going to look at the benefits of using an interior design agency in Thailand.


What is an interior designer and what to do they do?

So, what is it that an interior designer actually does? Because there is a big difference between interior design and interior decorating and it is important to understand the distinction.

In a nut shell, one could say that interior design refers to the understanding and implementation of the art, science and psychology surrounding people’s behaviour and needs in and from a particular space. An interior designer creates spaces that are functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing by incorporating stylistic and intentional design elements, derived from the client brief, without negating the appropriate spatial parameters associated with – ergonomics. Elements that attest to this are found in forms of colours, textures, lighting, finishes, furnishings, greening and many others. It is the beauty of storytelling through physical form and the experience of.

Interior decorating on the other hand refers to furnishing an existing space with decorative elements in order to achieve a certain desired aesthetic.

Certainly, interior designers decorate, but interior decorators do not design. But why is that so important? How can using an interior designer in Thailand benefit you?


The key benefits of using an interior design agency in Thailand

It is important to note that the aim of this article is not to discredit interior decorators. Interior decorators are known for their incredible works, but the nature of the work carried out is very different. Interior decorators work with an existing space and make what they can of it. Interior designers will design a room from scratch, often gutting an existing space and optimising it in such a way that it is no longer recognisable. So, how can this benefit you?

1 – Interior designers are multidisciplinary experts

There is much more to being an interior designer than merely picking the right colour’ cushion to accompany a new set of furniture; they are certified professionals with education and experience in a broad and ever-evolving field. Additionally, any interior design agency worth their salt will continually participate in professional development thus sharpening their pencils and remaining ahead of the game.

An exceptionally talented builder can follow designs and create wonderful spaces, but it is an interior designer who understands why every single detail is crucial for bringing the entire project together – and indeed how those details will influence people when they interact with the space.


2 – You can save time and money with an interior designer

Whether you are preparing a property for sale or you plan on renovating it to create that dream home you’ve always talked about, hiring an interior design firm can save you time and money on the project.

Think of it this way: if you were in charge of arranging and hosting a corporate event with zero experience, you would likely consider hiring an events management company to assist you. Leveraging their industry-expertise and experience you could collaborate and put on an event to remember. Alone in an unfamiliar field, you may otherwise end up making costly mistakes and hosting a sub-par event that leaves much to be desired.

Hiring an interior designer isn’t a luxury, it’s a practical advantage that can help move your project along more effectively. The best interior design firms strive to keep your project on schedule, within budget and executed to highest standard.

3 – Interior design agencies are well connected

The best interior design agencies in Thailand tend to be established with reliable and reputable networks that can add value to your project. This being a key feature if you are a foreign investor and otherwise unfamiliar with the Thai property market.

Moreover, with these connections you can be assured the best rates and deals on furniture, materials, accessories, contractors, and every other aspect of your project that would otherwise be very time-consuming and frustrating for you to handle alone.


4 – Make a space more functional and appealing with the help of an interior designer

There’s nothing worse than a property with unusable and/or under-utilised areas. When you work with an interior design firm they will endeavour to not let this happen. Based on your requirements and the space available, you can rest assured that your ideas will be translated into a successful interior design project.

In addition to the above, a true designer will bring you back down to earth if you have a vision that is perhaps not viable. In the same breath, they are equally as dedicated to making bold design choices and bringing your ideas to life as eloquently as possible.


5 – Quality interior designers can deliver on the latest trends

The world and its respective technologies and trends are moving at a pace faster than ever experienced before. Industry leading interior designers aspire to constantly remain on the forefront of these in order to provide the latest and best in service delivery. This being backed by living in the heart of ASIA, as some would say, the tech capital of the world. Thailand based interior design firms are often at the origin of the hustle and bustle of the latest and greatest in technology and trend setting events.


6 – Bring value and ‘buyability’ to your property

Working with an interior design firm can bring significant value to your project. They will be a major asset on your project and project team. If you are interested in adding long-term value to your property, then working with a reputable firm will be worth your while.

If you plan to flip a property for profit, a quality interior designer can not only increase the overall value of your property, but also allow it to stand proud in a sometimes flooded market. Otherwise, if you simply want to evolve your home to reflect your personality and suit your ‘dream home vibes’, they can help you achieve exactly that. Present investments for future aspirations with continued experiences.